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What is Continuum?

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and resources on remediating your web sites and applications for accessibility, only to have violations creep into your code base over time. Continuum makes continued accessibility compliance crazy easy. This tool-agnostic JavaScript accessibility testing library integrates with your favorite QA tools through a simple API, allowing you to catch accessibility violations as you go, rather than playing catch-up later.

Learn More About Continuum

Why use Continuum

  • Easily integrates accessibility into your development lifecycle.
  • Like your QA tools? Keep them. Continuum is tool-agnostic!
  • Run tests during development, pre-commit, or post-commit
  • Review your reports and quickly export the results to your team

Get to Know (and Love) Continuum?

Building accessible software is best accomplished by incorporating accessibility best practices in each stage of development from design to release. Continuum is a tool in the AMP arsenal that provides software development teams with a standalone JavaScript accessibility testing library. It's tool-agnostic, integrates through a simple API, and can be used with Jasmine, Cucumber, Jenkins, and Bamboo.

Pick Your Standards

WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA. Section 508, CVAA. Whatever standards you need to meet, Continuum can test for them.

Fit it into your Flow

Accessibility testing can be added into unit tests during development, smoke testing before new code is committed, or regression testing post-commit.

Act Quickly on Results

No more waiting for a complaint – or a possible lawsuit – before fixing accessibility problems. Continuum gives you testing results quickly so you can remediate quickly.