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Getting started with Alchemy

Alchemy is violation mitigation made simple. Say goodbye to manual fixes of thousands of accessibility violations. Say goodbye to weeks of testing and remediation. Say hello to Alchemy. The newest extension to our Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) makes enhanced JavaScript-based testing, analysis and repair for web systems easier than ever before.

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Why use Alchemy?

  • Makes the testing process quick, easy, and cost-effective
  • See the exact location of each violation with in-browser testing
  • Get test results that anyone in your organization can understand
  • Stream quick fixes to your site automatically with no development time

Make Accessibility Magic with Alchemy

We made Alchemy to streamline remediation for organizations that don't have the resources to assign full-time developers to accessibility. Is that you?

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In-browser testing

Quickly test and evaluate accessibility violations instantly, and do it right in your favorite browser. It's so easy, anyone in your organization can do it.

Human-readable test results

In your report, you'll see answers to the following questions: Where is the error? What needs to be fixed? Who will it benefit? How do I fix it?

Repair without development

Let your developers focus on more important things. Alchemy streams fixes with no changes to source code, page functionality, appearance, or load time.